General FAQ

  • What is a Run/Rally, is this a timed race?

    The GameTime 350 Run is a tour for car enthusiasts on a predetermined exciting driver focused route chosen by us. We take you on the best roads in Europe to the best destinations! It’s 100% not a race and it’s not timed. We drive in accordance with local laws.

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    A full list of items will be communicated to you well in advance but it’s really quite minimal, we will take away a lot of the legwork and worry! As a minimum though you need to make sure you’re legal for driving on the continent, it’s a good idea to swat up and a google search with ‘What do I need to drive in Europe’ will throw up all that you need to know with someone like the RAC. A variety of clothes is always advised! We will be going from cold places to hot places, from beach wear to evening wear. The most important thing to bring is a sense of humour and adventure though! Do this and there’s the time of your life to be had everyday.

  • Will my car fit in on the event?

    We have a broad criteria for the cars for our start-line. If it’s a supercar, a sports car, a muscle car, a hot hatch or anything exotic, prestigious,unusual or retro you will be welcomed with open arms! That’s that cleared up.

  • I would love to come but I do not have a car to attend in, can you help?

    We certainly can, if you decide to come on the adventure of a lifetime with us we can put you in touch with some of our partners who can supply you with the car of your dreams for the trip.

  • What happens if I break down in Europe or am unable to continue for any reason?

    The GameTime 350 Run staff will do all we can to provide assistance. First and foremost its essential that you bring a car that’s of sound condition and not already carrying an issue. Secondly it’s highly advised that you have a robust breakdown policy in place to cover if the worst should happen. It is also recommended that you carry a selection of common spares for your specific car. Breakdown companies can work wonders but not without spares. As you can appreciate for the sake of the rest of the group the show must go on if there is a breakdown. We will work closely with you to ensure you can catch up the group at the next available stop.

  • I’d love to attend but I do not have anyone to come with me, is this a problem?

    This is not a problem at all, we have a rate listed for single drivers. As soon as you arrive at the start-line you’ll see what a great vibe the event has, by the first night you’ll certainly not feel like you’ve come on your own, The GameTime 350 Run is a family of like minded car enthusiasts out for good times and amazing drives.

  • What are your terms and conditions?

    We have our own set of terms and conditions that protect both you and us. We also operate diligently inside the legal regulations for tour operators and in-line with Trust My Travel. Our terms and conditions are sent out in PDF with the invoice and welcome email upon a Successful team application. You must fully read and understand these before placing a deposit.

  • Is my money protected?

    As members of Trust My Travel you can rest assured that you are dealing with a tour operator who is operating diligently in accordance with the legislation that is set out in the 1992 travel and tour operator regulations. Any payments to us are held in in accordance with our terms and conditions in a regulated account with TMT, meaning your money is safe. It’s a sad fact that many companies offering similar European tours are operating illegally due to the way in which they receive and hold your payments. More information on TMT can be found at: www.trustmytravel.com

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